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Parish Council update: May 2021

Lenham Neighbourhood Plan

The local referendum for the Lenham Neighbourhood Plan takes place on 6 May 2021.

Everyone in the Parish who is entitled to vote will be able to participate in this referendum.

You will be asked if you wish Maidstone Borough Council to use the Lenham Neighbourhood Plan to help decide planning applications for the Parish, please support us and vote YES! 

It's our village and our plan.

Remember, the plans Maidstone Borough Council has to parachute homes into the Lenham Heath area are not part of the Lenham Neighbourhood Plan and never will be.

In preparation for the referendum there are a series of articles in the Lenham Focus which describe how we came to have a Neighbourhood Plan, what the plan contains and why it is in the format it is and finally why your support for it is needed. The articles began in February 2021 and are available on the Parish Council's website via the Focus "tab". Please see the April edition of the Focus for a pull-out detailed summary.

If you vote using the postal vote system you will receive two envelopes: one for the KCC and Crime Commissioner elections and a second for the Neighbourhood Plan referendum. You should complete both and send them back in their separate envelopes.

Brief details of the plan can be seen here.

A leaflet from Maidstone Borough Council explaining the purpose and process can be seen here.

The formal notice of referendum can be seen here.

Meet our New Parish Clerk

As we bid farewell to Margo, who has been our Parish Clerk for the last ten years, we welcome Lisa Westcott who is our new Parish Clerk.

Lisa, who was recruited from a very strong group of candidates, has been shadowing Margo since she joined in March and now takes over full time.

With this change-over come some new contact details:

  • the email changes to: 
  • There is a new phone number as well - 01622 829034

Once we can open the New Parish Office at 1A High Street, Lisa will be based there, the opening times have yet to be agreed so when they are, these will be added to the information.

We would like to extend our heart-felt thanks to Margo who has been a staunch and loyal support for the Parish Council.

We all wish Lisa well in her new role!

Annual Parish meeting - calling all clubs and societies!

As the national lock-down continues to roll back we are getting ready to resume physical meetings once again. We are still waiting for official guidance as to how we can meet, how many of us can meet and where we can meet, however, we are planning to hold the Annual Parish meeting on Thursday 27 May 2021.

The exact format of this is still under discussion and will be subject to whatever COVID regulations are in place at that time.

In preparation, though, we would like to receive annual reports or, perhaps more importantly, a summary of action planned for your post-COVID start ups.

It may be possible for some attendance at this meeting although it is unlikely it will follow quite the same format as past years. More details will be circulated once we are clear exactly what is permitted and, crucially, what people would be comfortable with.

Please contact the Parish Clerk in the first instance.


Cllr John Britt (Lenham South)

Chair: Lenham Parish Council


Published agendas will be available here


What does Lenham Parish Council do?

Parish Councils are the tier of local government closest to the people. They are not linked to the church in any way. All Parish Councillors are volunteers who dedicate their free time to enhancing their Parish as best they can by utilising their individual skills and experience.

The responsibilities of Lenham Parish Council include looking after open spaces, such as the William Pitt field and Cemetery, maintaining playgrounds and other amenities, providing Maidstone Borough Council with a view on planning applications within the Parish and undertaking projects to benefit the Parish.


Our Mission Statement 

The Lenham Parish Council (LPC) is dedicated to enhancing the lives of all the residents of Lenham and its surrounding hamlets. LPC aims to maintain and protect the Parish environment and amenities. LPC strives to be pro-active in identifying and completing projects, large and small, that will benefit the Parish as a whole, with value for money always being sought. LPC aims to help keep Lenham Parish a unique and special place for residents and visitors alike.


Meet Our Councillors

Councillor Personal Details Responsibilities

Cllr. John Britt (South Ward)

Tel.07973 207521

Parish Council Chairman Chairman of Finance & General Purposes. Planning Committee member. Neighbourhood Plan Group member. Hamlets, Health & Welfare, Emergency Plan / Co-ordination, Communications, Youth Work Liaison, Cross maintenance.

Cllr. Alastair Walmsley (North ward)

Tel. 01622 859032

Vice Chairman of the Parish Council.

Chairman of Planning Committee. Finance & General Purposes member. Neighbourhood Plan Group member. Highways & Speed Indicator. FC & Sports liaison. Allotment liaison.

Cllr. Michael Ballard (North Ward)

Tel. 01622 851409 Mob. 07780 665996

Douglas Alms Houses Trustee. Transport South East trains. WCs project.

Cllr. Michael Cockett (North Ward)

Tel. 01622 858422

Planning Committee member. Finance & General Purposes member. Neighbourhood Plan Group member. Meadows Trust, CPRE Representative. Web-site co-ordinator. Communications.

Cllr David Garland (North Ward) 

Mob: 07801371004

Finance and General Purposes Committee member, S106/CIL monies Representative, Maidstone Road car park, WC project..

Cllr. Kate Hammond (South Ward)

Mob. 07925 606236

KALC Maidstone Area Representative. Hamlets, Save our Heathlands (SOHL) Representative.

Cllr Steve Heeley (South Ward)

Mob: 07791 694073 

Hamlets, Save Our Heathlands (SOHL) Rep.

Cllr. Mike Lowe (North Ward)

Mob. 07841123123

Play facilities risk assessment & maintenance / installation of new play equipment.

Cllr. Marino Michaelas (North Ward)

Tel 01622 850658 Mob. 07827 016534

CCTV, Parking, Business Link Representative. Speed watch & CCTV equipment keeper. WCs Project

Cllr. Nick Osborne (North Ward)

Tel. 01622 859069 Mob. 07900 585733

Finance & General Purposes member. Neighbourhood Plan Group member. Picnic site, Nursery project, Cross maintenance, Christmas Lighting. Lenham Meadows Trust.

Cllr. Andy Ratcliffe (South Ward)

Planning Committee member. Neighbourhood Plan Group member. Hamlets, Nursery project, Parking, Representative. WCs project. Communications.

Council Officers:

Parish Clerk: Lisa Westcott

Contact details Email:            Telephone: 01622 829034

Responsible Financial Officer: Mr James Bate

Contact details Email: